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What’s Growing in Your Garden?

Yes, you read the title correctly, and it isn’t a metaphor. I’m taking a break from our “unplugged” updates because I found some fun stuff growing in my garden this morning. I have several gardens around my house, most of which are flower gardens. I also have a strawberry patch, vegetable garden, and raised-bed perennial herb garden. It took me over an hour to thin the mint in the herb garden a couple of weeks ago. The effort was worth it since I had room to plant oregano and rosemary.

The interesting thing that I found this morning was in one of my front flower beds. I planted celosia in one of the beds a few years ago. Since I was pregnant and couldn’t work the ground that much, the plants went to seed at the end of the year. The flowers that came back the following year were dense and beautiful, so I just continued the practice. It takes a little longer than buying starter plants at the store, but they are free and look great. Worth an extra couple of weeks. But that isn’t what I found.

I found basil! At first I was surprised, but then remembered transplanting a tired-looking plant last summer. It grew to a 2-foot diameter bush. Lots of pesto and fresh basil in many dishes, plus a bunch of happy friends. I guess it went to seed, too, because there are about 10 basil seedlings randomly placed in the garden. I’m going to let them grow. Basil is one of those herbs that smells of summer and is always welcome. I’ll harvest as much as I can and put it to good use.

Did you find anything interesting today?


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