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Will Another "Unscheduled" Week be our Undoing?

Hello friends -

Last week was so busy for us all that I think we will all benefit from a less-structured week ahead. With plans every day last week, a day of catch-up errands on Saturday, and church on Sunday morning (and a picnic Sunday evening with some amazing friends!), the last 7 or 8 days have been incredibly packed! As I’m sitting here writing this post, I’m wishing I had a double that could be folding laundry or doing the dishes. No such luck, so my evening plans are set! Tee-hee.

Or maybe we will just take a walk down to the park. I wanted to do that this morning, but rain got in the way. Some cooler air has moved through, and it seems like the perfect evening to run off some extra energy. We spent most of the morning purging one child’s bedroom. I think a reward for hard work well done is in order.

At last night’s picnic, one of my friends and I started talking about the “courage to unplug.” His remark was that he noticed how much his kids are spending time in front of the TV. Ironically, we were at a park where he’d spent many summers running around and playing. I love that my kids are getting a little more of “experiencing” life instead of watching someone else experience it. And my kids no longer tell time by which show will be on next. While I have no doubt that it would all come back to them in about 3.2 seconds if given the chance, it’s my job to not give chances.

I’ve noticed that their imaginative play is more imagination and less imitation of the last show they watched. They are starting to come up with constructive ways to fill their time without me rattling off 7 suggestions to their grimaced faces. Is it more work than I expected? Yeah, it is. I’ve had to shift some priorities. But it’s also given me a chance to “tune in” (please forgive the pun) a little more to them and their questions about life. Requests at the grocery store are now for new hula hoops, bubbles, and outside toys instead of the latest movie rental.

Is it always perfect over here? Far from it. When we’re all tired, the TV is still a big black temptation in the middle of the living room. Sometimes it is difficult to resist. It was refreshing the other day, though, to hear my daughter tell me that they had only seen about “5 minutes” of TV at an afternoon play date. I’ll take my victories when they come!

Taking the “virtual” out of “reality,”

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