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Who’s Getting the Consequences?

It’s nice to know that life is a roller coaster ride at times, right? Well, at least that’s how I’m looking at it. Yesterday was peaceful and had a great rhythm to it. Today – a few “off” notes. God makes His mercies new every morning, and I’m looking forward to a new morning.

I was counting it a victory in my mind that the kids didn’t ask to turn the TV on when it was raining. Score one point for consistency. I woke up kind of grumpy and told my toddler that we needed to pray for mommy to be less grumpy. She obliged in the sweetest of voices with an innocent little prayer that can only come from a child who hasn’t been tarnished by the world’s woes yet. Made me feel better to hear her little voice asking “Jesus to bless my mommy.” Ahhhh, such a sweet little child.

Until she sneaks away to the bathroom armed with a purple marker.

The toilet seat has a very creative scribble on it now. Or at least it did. Most of it is gone, but I’m thinking that my magic eraser might not have enough tricks in its hat to finish the job. I’ll try again when the feeling comes back to my arm. Yep. Lots of scrubbing. It would take less time to go to the store, buy and install a new seat. But I’m fairly frugal and amazingly stubborn.

After a trip to time out (she did tell me that markers were for paper only, and that the potty wasn’t paper), she looked up at me with her huge brown eyes and asked to go to the park. I told her we couldn’t go because she made a sad choice with the marker. But that means that instead of fresh air and sunshine for my daily walk, I’ll settle for half an hour on the exercise bike in the basement. Not quite the same. Maybe I’ll make it up to myself with a little more time in the garden over the next couple of days.

The end result was that my toddler who is trying to outgrow her nap thought that a little snooze might be a good idea today. I agreed. At least I have some time to write while she sleeps (and my older daughter cleans her room – still!).

I’d rather be on the swings, listening to innocent laughter and the inevitable “Catch me, Mommy!” that initiates a game of Tag.

Maybe tomorrow we can try again.

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