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We Might be Getting the Hang of This…

Although the TV was on for awhile (tornado warnings!), we’ve gone 3 days without the kids watching any kind of entertainment on the box. They didn’t even watch the news with the tornado warnings in our area – no need to frighten them, but I wanted to know what was going on.

Both kids have been pretty resourceful. Yesterday we couldn’t really go outside because of the weather. I was a little surprised to see the kids pulling out puzzles and dominoes, toys that hadn’t seen the light of day for a very long time. I found a couple of books I’d purchased for my 9-year-old. She immediately sat down and started to read one of them – quite a change from the battle it normally is to get her to read. Even my 3-year-old who likes books is starting to look for new books to “read.” Little by little, I’m starting to see them unwind a bit. I haven’t heard a chorus of “I’m bored!” Instead, they have been creatively finding ways to pass the time. Since it’s the first week of summer, I didn’t want to put them into a rigid schedule. I’ve been blessed to see how creative they can be.

I think they are starting to figure out that Dad and I were serious about unplugging for the summer. Although they are still asking to watch TV when it rains, and when the TV will go back on, they seem to be arguing a little less in hopes that I will give in or change my mind. So far, I’m encouraged that even though this may not be the easy decision, it is the right decision for our family right now.

So little of my childhood revolved around the television. My sister and I would read on average 20 books a week in the summer. I remember reading biographies of famous historical figures. Encyclopedia Brown and the characters created by Judy Blume were constant companions. I have tried over the years to inspire of love of reading in my kids — and maybe we will finally achieve that by cutting the (power) cord.

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  1. Great job Barb and Adam for sticking to your guns…..I also remember that the local creek was my fort, home away from home, a castle, a secret spy lab etc….also I even had my own transportation. My son has a bike that has not been riden in over a year! Keep up the great work and there will be an abundance of rewards from your children.

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