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Spring is Just Around the Corner…

At least that is what I tell myself as I watch the snow fall and my children go stir crazy with cabin fever.  At least we aren’t bogged down under feet of snow like some of you are in other parts of the country, but I’m ready for warmer temperatures and green leaves on the trees.  And a few flowers would be nice while we’re at it.  But I digress…

I have another question for you:  What kind of Springtime activities are you planning with your kids?  Will you plant a garden?  Will you plant flowers or vegetables?  How about some sort of sports team?  Soccer?  Baseball or softball? 

What will you do to get out and enjoy the fresh spring air after one of the harshest winters we’ve had in awhile?  What do you like the most about Spring?

I’m looking forward to your enthusiastic replies and suggestions!

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  1. Looking forward to planting a garden this year and actually expanding on last year's garden. We finally built a raised bed last year and want to either build another one or perhaps even till a small part of the yard (we have a huge yard). And flowers are a must. We have some big pots to fill and flower beds around the yard that we put annuals in every year. It takes so long for our perrenials to bloom so those early annuals are wonderful (even if late frost sometimes does them in).

    Of course we are waiting for some nicer weather to go outside and play. The swingset has missed us! I'll bet there are crocuses and maybe even some daffodils peeping up underneath all that snow and ice we have now.

    Soccer starts in a couple of weeks and hopefully some outside playdates for the little ones. Looking forward to the zoo and petting zoo. Now, please cooperate with us Mother Nature!

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