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Coming to the End of an Unscheduled Week…

And I’m realizing that “unscheduled” isn’t in the best interests of my sanity.

Our “unplugged” summer is a mini social experiment, and there were bound to be discoveries along the way. I deliberately didn’t plan anything this week and didn’t schedule a sitter. Not one of my brighter decisions, but the week got to me faster than I realized. Consequently, I have two (very) bored kids who are taking it out on each other (a little) and engaging in selective hearing with me. Somehow, they can plainly hear the word “cookies,” but “please clean your room” seems to be translated into an unknown tongue.

At my 9-year-old’s suggestion, Fridays will probably be designated as “Pizza Fridays.” I like it because it gives me a little break. In future weeks, I’ll probably use this as a reward, but this week I’m too spent with trying to keep my kids amused to even think about anything remotely healthy for dinner. I, for one, would easily settle for a chocolate sundae, and probably some other foods that would put me into a coma in about 20 minutes. Not in anyone’s best interests, I assure you. So today it will be carry-out pizza from the health food store (they have a $5 discount on Friday evenings, so I’m happy about that, too). I’ll add a tossed salad and may sneak in some chocolate after they go to bed.

Next week we have 1/2 day camp every day. I think that will help everyone tremendously. After that is another “unscheduled” week — so far. I think I’ll call a couple of other mommies and schedule a trip to the zoo or another local kid-friendly attraction on a couple of days. It will break up the monotony of the days and give us a chance to create summer memories. We will sprinkle in a couple of trips to the library, add in some regular pool time, and everyone should be on a more even keel.

Now, it’s time for our walk and a trip to the park. After that, we will probably plant the impatiens that we bought the other day. That should give us enough time for a short rest before we get our pizza.

Have a fantastic (and unplugged!) weekend!

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