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Battling Cabin Fever?

After my last post, it dawned on me that while we’re looking forward to Spring, we still have a few more weeks of indoor activities to conquer.  Many of us have experienced more ‘snow days’ than usual, and our creative juices for indoor activities might be tapped.  We love our kiddos, but there is only so much we can think of to help them stay amused when they are as sick of being stuck inside as we are.

If you have a good idea, please pass it on!  The parents that read our blog will welcome the fresh ideas and may have a few to pass on to you, too.

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  1. Something my husband started recently is running up and down the stairs…….We do lunges at the bottom and the 8 year old counts for us. Then she goes and we count for her.

    Today was ANOTHER snow day…..I have older kids 8 & we did a bible study today. I heard there are 59 "One another" verses in the bible. So I had each of them pick a number between 1-59… and they wrote them out on notecards. (they did about 5 each) We are posting one each day up on the cabinet for lent.

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