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Another Week in the Books

Hello friends~

This morning brings a welcome break in the weather. Today, we might experience temperatures slightly cooler than average today… a welcome break from near triple-digit heat. If only I had been able to sleep through the rain last night. It doesn’t help that the girls decided to wake up a little earlier than normal, too. Their fatigue is showing in the way they talk to each other. I’m predicting we will run our errands early, while there is still (some) hope for self-control. Maybe we will all catch a nap this afternoon.

There is still an occasional request for TV, but no meltdowns when I stick to my steadfast “no.” I need to replenish some of the craft supplies that have been creatively used. A week of VBS bought me a little time, and now I have some really great coupons I can use. Keeping up with their creativity has proven to be quite interesting. I think we might get some t-shirts to paint this week, along with a couple of crafts for Father’s Day gifts. Our upcoming week doesn’t have a daily commitment, so we might be able to catch up on some of the housework and a little rest. Maybe I will post pictures of the completed Father’s Day crafts.

Have a blessed (and unplugged!) weekend!

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