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Another Rainy Day

And we continue to remain unplugged. My secret weapon today was Darling Sitter #1 (DS1 for short). DS1 has been around our home for over a year, and the girls LOVE her. When she isn’t away at school, I love having her over. She is great with the girls; they will do just about anything to have DS1 over. It happens that DS1 was planning to take my girls to a really cool park today. That didn’t happen thanks to a cool and rainy day. Instead, I pulled out an old “tent” that had been a favorite of my older daughter. It looks like a castle. Sounds like the afternoon was more than filled with creative fun without electronic assistance.

Not only that, but my older girl is finding out that books can be fun. I may be repeating myself, but it’s quite the change around here. I’m usually nagging her to read. Now I’m telling her to put the book down and finish something else. I only hope that this behavior sticks around. Instead of her telling me that she can’t remember what she just read, she’s sharing details spontaneously. If nothing else, my (slightly) frustrated child (when it comes to school work) is discovering that she can read something and remember it. We’ve know it all along. The only person that needed convincing was her.

We’re looking forward to a weekend of playing, gardening, and hanging out as a family. The weather should cooperate with us this weekend!

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