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A Bump in the Road?

When I decided to blog about my family’s “unplugging” experience, I knew I’d have to be honest with all of you about the good days and the not-so-good ones. Unfortunately, today falls into the latter category. My oldest had a sleepover with a friend over the weekend. I’m not a fool, and I intentionally didn’t say anything to her about TV. My husband and I decided to turn the TV off in our home, but I think it would be unrealistic to expect another family to unplug if my daughter is a guest in their home. I didn’t want to be legalistic about TV-watching, and it’s an opportunity for her to understand what moderation and self-control are.

I don’t know exactly how much screen time she got, but I’m guessing it was in excess of 3 hours. She mentioned a movie and a couple of shows, and I’d guess that there is more to the story there. Combine that with about half the sleep she normally gets and a different diet, and there, my friends, is a recipe for a meltdown. Add to that an over-zealous toddler who got herself out of bed at 4:00 in the morning because she thought she had to go to the bathroom, and you have a pretty good snapshot of my day so far.

Even I want to turn on a mindless program to keep. them. quiet.

Emotions are overflowing here today. It seems to be getting a little better, but it hasn’t been easy. I’m not used to getting a tearful response to a request to brush teeth and hair. Really? Maybe I’ll be fortunate enough that they will nap.

One thing I have learned, though, is just how easy it is for my kids to be over-stimulated. Something tells me that I’m not alone here. This journey is going to have its uphill climbs. I knew that going into it, and each day gives me a new opportunity to teach my kids the best I can.

Here is hoping for a better (and smoother) day tomorrow.

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